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Victorian wedding gown

Victorian wedding gown

Gorgeous antique Victorian wedding gown, princess type gown (one piece), ca. 1880. 
This beautiful gown is made of subtly patterned cream silk and laces at the front. This dress was made in the ' natural form'  period (1878 - 1882), these dresses were more form fitting that previous or later dresses, with narrower skirts, but with a waterfall bustle at the back. This gown is pictured without a bustle pad and on a modern mannequin, but would look more period appropriate with a small bustle added under the back of the skirt!
The gown is decorated with beautiful metallic thread and faux wax pearls, this type of pearls were made by filling very thin blown hollow glass beads with a mixture of wax and iridescent powder. These pearls are very fragile and can be crushed really easily, so often not much of them is left. This gown however has the majority of them still present, which is pretty rare. Over the chest the gown has at lace panel that hooks over the shoulder, forming a lovely large lace flouce. The same lace is found on the sleeves, which are also beautifully shaped. The collar is a loose collar (original, it has not become detached), also decorated with faux pearls. The back of the skirt is gathered in a pleated bustle and has a small train. The dress is fully lined, the bodice is fully boned. The train part of the skirt has padded lining so it falls beautifully. Added to the lining is a lovely lace dust ruffle.
The gown is in amazing condition! Apart from a few missing faux pearls it has no damage. Maybe a faint tiny stain somewhere, but that's it. The silk is as new, even the original lace, with metal tips, at the front is still there and is strong.
This gown is a small size, bust approx. 75 cms, waist approx. 56 cms.

The mannequin on which the gown is displayed can also be bought. This is a modern mannequin we have altered to the exact size of this gown. The cost for the mannequin is the price we pay for it ourselves, which is €50,-. If you want the mannequin with it, please contact us.