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Victorian gentlemen's court dress

Victorian gentlemen's court dress

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A rare 4-piece antique Victorian velvet court dress in a japanned case, ca. 1890 - 1900.
The court dress consists of a pair of knee lengths trousers, a vest, a morning coat and a bicorne. Made of black velvet and decorated with beautiful intricate cut steel buttons and buckles. The backside of the vest is made of black polished cotton, the jacket is fully lines with white silk. The cuffs and frills of the jacket are beautiful bobbin lace.
The bicorne is made of beaver felt and is decorated with a silk ribbon and rosette, and with metal chains.
The whole set is in excellent condition, we have never found a garment of this age that has been preserved so well. The only thing we can mention is that in storage some of the buttons have left some indentations in the velvet, those should come out with some carefull steaming. Perfectly wearable condition even!
The whole set comes in a japanned case with a brass name plate, "J.K. Stothert, Esquire". The outside of the case does show it's age with lots of patina. The case measures approx. 103 x 31 x 11 cms.

€ 475.00