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Victorian evening gown

Victorian evening gown

A stunning antique Victorian silk evening gown by Sarah Fullerton Monteith Young, court dressmaker, ca. 1900.
A beautiful example of Victorian couture. The gown has a seperate bodice and skirt, the bodice has short puff sleeves and the skirt has a small train. Made of very heavy cream coloured silk with a pattern woven in in gold. The front and back of the bodice, as well as the front of the skirt are made of soft green silk with a fine lace overlay. A lovely detail is that the bodice is decorated with rhinestones down the sides and on both the front and back at the schoulders. A very stunning dress.
The bodice closes with laces, over the laces goes a crossover band of silk. The laces have been replaced. Overall this gown is in very good condition, but there are a few small flaws. There are small tears on both shoulders and a small tear in the skirt. Neither of those tears are very visible or affect the integrity of the dress, and the fabric is certainly not in bad condition. Also at the inside one of the stays is poking through the lining.
Waist measurement approx. 63 cms, bust approx. 85 cms.

€ 495.00