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Victorian court presentation gown

Victorian court presentation gown

Amazing antique Victorian silk court presentation gown with enormous train, rare! Ca. 1890.
This kind of gown is a very rare find, as they were worn only by the elite members of Society. These gowns were worn when a (young) lady was presented at the British court, they are always white (or a slightly different shade such as ivory or cream), have a low neckline like a ballgown, short sleeves and a very large train. They are often decorated with artificial flowers. Lady's being presented at court wore these gowns, the court presentation also being their acceptance into Society. This was only for the elite, the aristocrats and family members of the court.

This gown is just beautiful. It has a ball gown bodice which is pleated but close fitted and fully boned, with short puff sleeves. The neckline and sleeves are trimmed with a wide handmade tambour lace flounce and the bodice closes at the back. In the centre of the bustline there is a pale pink artificial flower made of paper and fabric. The skirt has a lovely flared shape (no petticoats or crinoline used in the photos). At the bottom the same lovely lace as used on the bodice is draped, with small artificial flower sprays where the lace attaches. The hem of the skirt is padded with cotton wadding, giving the hemline some sturdiness and making it keep it's shape. the back of the skirt is gathered for a slight bustle effect. The skirt is fully lined. The detachable train is HUGE, it measures approx. 148 cms wide and 212 cms long. It is fully lined and the hem is also padded with cotton wadding to keep it's shape. Around the outer edge there is a gorgeous pleated lace ruffle, again the same lace as the bodice and skirt, and in one of the lower corners a large application of a lace bow and a bouquet of artificial paper and fabric flowers. The gown also still has it's original waist sash.

These gowns are very rare, not many got the chance to wear them, and as they were often very delicate not many survived. This one has lasted very well however, it is in very good condition. There is some very minor wear, mostly to the back of the waistband of the skirt, but the fabric is not fragile at all! Just a little wear, a tiny bit of fraying is all. The silk is in amazing condition. No splits, not brittle and very clean, this gown is spotless. The lace flounces have a couple of small breaks, you will have to look for them as them really can't be seen without searching for them.
Very small size, waist approx. 55 cms, bust approx. 80 cms. The lady wearing the gown wasn't very tall either, as it is displayed here it measures approx. 130 cms from shoulder to hem.

This gown came in a dressmaker's box together with a wedding gown in the same style (also on our website) with a note 'wedding gown & court presentation gown'. They were probably worn by the same person, the sizes match too.

€ 750.00