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Victorian bodice

Victorian bodice

Article code: 150943

Beautiful antique Victorian bodice, made with thousands of glass beads stitched to a net background. Ca. 1885 - 1890.
A real stunning piece of work, thousands of tiny and larger french jet beads worked in floral patterns. The bodice is mostly transparant, giving that beautiful lace look. Along the closure at the front and the bottom larger beads are stitched. The high collar is completely covered in beads. The bodice has a beautiful shape, ending at the bottom in a large point both back and front. The netting is in very good condition and the bodice is very sturdy, not frail. But some of the beadwork has come of, most noticeable is that some of the larger beads are missing, mostly at the top of the front closure. These could however very easily be replaced by similar beads! Of the tiny beads these are also some missing, this however isn't obvious at all.
Waist approx. 56 cms, bust approx. 74 cms.

€ 69.00