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Silk shoes with embroidery

Silk shoes with embroidery

Gorgeous antique white silk mid-Victorian shoes with embroidery, ca. 1860.
Rare earlier shoes with beautiful whitework embroidery. The shoes are made of fine silk and have hard leather soles. The shoes have straight soles, meaning there is no difference between the right and left shoe, this changed after around 1860. Low heels and straight noses.
The embroidery is lovely, and is a rare kind of decoration, silk bows or pompoms are more common. If you look closely you can still see the blue chalk with which the pattern was drawn on the noses before they were embroidered, so these shoes have been worn very little. 
There is some slight age wear to the silk, but no holes, and the shoes are very clean, no spots or stains. Very small size, approx. 23 cms long and very narrow.

€ 195.00