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Edwardian dress

Edwardian dress

Gorgeous antique silk two piece Edwardian 'Gibson Girl' dress, ca. 1900 - 1905.
This dress would have been very high fashion in its day, it is beautifully made of cream silk with black velvet and white lace appliques. The skirt has a very narrow waist and flares out towards the bottom, ending in a small train. The bodice is a short bolero model, a white high collared pigeon breast model blouse would have been worn underneath.
This dress is very well made, very good quality. The velvet and lace appliques are lovely. The bodice has 3/4 bell sleeves with beautifull lace cuffs, and the bodice closes at the front of the neck with a velvet bow.
This dress is in amazing condition, it's pretty much flawless! It could be worn, it's as strong as when it was made, but finding someone who fits this dress will be the real challenge, the waist of the skirt is a very tiny 52 cms!

€ 420.00