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Edwardian combinations

Edwardian combinations

Beautiful antique white batiste Edwardian camisole and petticoat combinations, ca. 1910 - 1915.
Very well made and very good quality, beautiful soft semi-sheer cotton batiste. The neckline and armholes are trimmed with very fine lace with narrow soft pink ribbons woven through. This same lace is found on the skirt, again with a fine ribbon woven through. The lovely part open embroidery at the waist also has a pretty ribbon, champagne coloured here. The narrow pink ribbons seem to be replacements, they look much newer than the ribbon at the waist. The skirt is double layered, the outer flounce embroided with lovely fine whitework. The camisole has a pigeon chest shape, and the whole closes at the back with tiny mother of pearl buttons. The skirt is a bit shorter than the earlier Victorian petticoats.
In very good condition. Measures approx. 120 cms long, waist is very adjustable.

€ 110.00