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Early silk gown

Early silk gown

Gorgeous antique silk gown, mid-Victorian period, ca. 1860.
This gown is really beautiful in it's simplicity. The fact that the gown is so understated does not mean that this has been a cheap gown, it is in fact very high end, beautifully made and very high quality. Made of gorgeous greyish green brocade silk with a lovely pattern. The bodice and skirt are attached at the back, so this is a one-piece gown. The bodice is completely smooth with a round collar, and closes with hooks and hand sewn eyelets. The skirt is extremely full and has almost a train, it is a period typical eliptical shape. The circumference of the skirt is almost 400 cms, which is really huge! It actually would need a bigger crinoline than we have used under the skirt in the pictures, but we simply did not have one in stock large enough. This gown was made when crinolines or hoop underskirts reached their maximum size. The back of the skirt is tightly pleated.
Gowns of this period are rare, and especially in this condition, which is amazing. We have found on close inspection three pinhead sized holes along the bottom seam, and a couple of slightly lighter spots, but the condition of the silk and stitching is fantastic.
Bust approx. 88 cms, waist approx. 67 cms. This gown was made for a lady who was unusually tall for het time, the gown measures approx. 160 cms from collar to seam, meaning the lady who once wore this gown must have been between 185 - 190 cms tall.

€ 450.00