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Beautiful antique Victorian silk bodice in a very nice colour, ca. 1865 - 1870.
The bodice has a lovely greenish taupe colour with antique gold coloured details. The bodice has a nice wasp waist shape and flares out over the hips, with a small bustle at the back. The front of the bodice has an antique gold coloured brocade silk panel flanked by two rows of gilded buttons. Some of the lower buttons are missing, the top buttons, up to waist level, are still there. The buttons are false buttons, the bodice closes underneath the brocade panel with hooks and handmade embrouded eyelets. The brocade silk has also been used on the cuffs and for the lovely bow at the back on the bustle. The cuffs are trimmed with tambour lace.
The bodice is in good condition, the silk is still beautiful, no shredding. In some places where the buttons are missing they teh buttons have left small dark stains caused by the metal of the buttons, this is not distracting in our opinion.
The bodice measures approx. 62 cms at the waist and 84 cms at the bust, a nice size that will fit a lot of old mannequins!

€ 120.00