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Matelasse bedcover

Matelasse bedcover

Gorgeous French cotton matelasse bedcover with unusual colours and design, 160 x 200 cms, early 1900's.
Matelasse is a think heavy fabric that looks like it's quilted, but has no padding. This one was woven on a jaquard loom and was woven as a whole cloth. The colours are not printed but woven in. Usually these matelasse covers are white and have a repeating pattern, this one is unusual because it has more colours and a very unusual (and stunning) design. Very high quality.
This matelasse has been well used, and it shows. The red thread is gone for a large part making the pattern look a bit more washed out, and the bedcover has some wear all over. For those who like the shabby chic look or want to use it as part of a stack of antique linen it's perfect. Is is clean and there are no smells!
If you love it but would love it more in perfect condition, we have an identical one for sale that looks like it was made yesterday (we assure you though it was not!).

€ 29.00