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Edwardian (evening) bodice

Edwardian (evening) bodice

Stunning very high quality Edwardian evening bodice in black silk, tule and lace, ca. 1905 - 1910.
Simply gorgeous. The bodice is lined in black silk, topped by two layers of very fine dotted tule. On the lower half of the bodice there are clusters of coloured metal sequins and beads. The sleeves are made of two layers of dotted tule, the bottom layer again has metal sequins and small seed beads sewn onto it, showing through the upper layer. The cuffs are made of double layers of fine lace and chiffon silk. The bodice has a low neckline and a large lace collar with large french jets. Marked on the waistband 'Mme Elsmere' (London). Very lovely piece and very well made, it is mostly hand sewn. Despite the very fragile material the bodice has held up amazingly well. We can find only one very small tear on the right upper sleeve, hardly noticeable because of the material, but that's it. Great condition. Waist approx. 58 cm, bust (armpit to armpit) approx. 90 cm.

€ 125.00